Add a little pinch of Peace

Peace can become a lens through which you see the world. Be it. Live it. Radiate it out. Peace is an inside job.” —Wayne Dyer

2020 has been an emotional year for most of us. The entire world has been impacted by Covid-19. Our country has visions of twittering, tweeting, marching, and burning throughout the Presidential elections. Fortunately, the election is over and as I write most of the votes have been certified and a winner chosen. A chapter in our nation’s history is coming to a close.

But unfortunately, the virus is still rampant among us closing schools, keeping us from seeking out family and friends, hurting small business and restaurants. When we look back on 2020, I’m not sure what the history books will say about how we were impacted by Covid-19. We know our lives have fundamentally changed. Some of those changes will return to normal with a vaccine, hopefully by spring. But some will stay will us. For example, many people may always work remotely. We’ve gotten so used to packages we may not to return to shopping in stores. Hopefully, we will return to seeing our friends over coffee and at churches and social outings.

I have made the tough decision after months of working on this blog to shut it down at the end of year. My decision came in part because after I had Covid-19 in late August, I haven’t felt like joyfully writing every week. But also because my followers have not grown over the past year. I developed an elaborate website to further expand my reach but the number of followers has actually increased on my old site. I will be writing here throughout December. But after the first of the year if you are interested in following my thoughts be sure to paste the following in your browser and like my WordPress site. You will be notified whenever I post something new.

Meanwhile, mask up, social distance, stay safe.