Feminist Sticker Pack


Pink Politics’ “The Future Is Female” and “Empowered Woman” sticker packs are of the highest quality and are fade resistant for five years.

Printed via StickerMule our stickers are:
-weatherproof: resistant to sun, wind and rain.
-printed on vinyl with permanent adhesive
-coated with protective laminate: resistant to fading, scratching, tearing and water
-can be safely run through a dishwasher
-equipped with a stylish matte finish

Pink Politics is a learning lifestyle company focused on creating a community of progressive “Pinks” through getting personal about politics. We believe with Pinks in politics there is power for real change. We are located in Boise, Idaho and our designs are done by artist Alena Cenis @ http://www.alenaleedesigns.com/.

10% of our profits are donated to The Women and Children’s Alliance of Boise, Idaho.

11 in stock


Length 4in

Width 4in

Height 0.015in


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