Traveling the Oregon Coast and Seattle: Rainy Days

My husband and I spent the last week traveling from Boise to the Oregon Coast and up to Seattle to see my son Scott.  When we headed out, we were worried about the smoke from the Oregon wildfires.  The skies were clear into Hood River.  Hood River right on the Columbia River.  As you drive down the Dulles you see sky surfer with gorgeous kites blowing through the white water.  They actually sit out on a crest of land in a group like penguins and then take off when it pleases them.  The kites move up and down making glorious patterns in the sky.  Farther down the river we saw the wind surfers, gliding effortlessly across the water catching the breeze.  We stayed on the river. Covid is a problem but we were able to eat outside on a restaurant facing the water.  I was able to swim and Pete used the workout equipment.  Breakfast was available.

Restrictions were different at Cannon Beach. The swimming pool and workout area were closed.  No breakfast provided because of Covid. The weather was windy and rainy so no outside place to eat.  We did have a room on the ocean. Waves were whipping up white water like crazy.  By morning, the water was pouring out of the drain.  Fortunately, our room had a gas fireplace and kitchen so we could cook. We ordered takeout and much to our amazement were handed fish to cook.  Pete came back from getting it and said, “Here you fix it.” There was no oil or condiments in the condo.  I steamed the fish in a covered fry pan with water and wine.  Were also given a ton of shredded cabbage.  I thought we were getting prepared fish tacos with cold slaw.  Instead I heated the tacos on the stove burners.  I did get us a dinner, but it was weird.

The other three days we toured the Olympic Peninsula.  Some of the most beautiful country in the world and also really isolated.  We had to stand in one corner of our hotel room to get one bar just to let our fami.  Famous for being the wettest place in North America.  I had never seen rain like we experienced.  It was like being a car wash. Sheets of rain came down.  One water odometer indicated that the hotel we were at had 12 feet of rain already that year.  While I am watching  the rain, I see a couple and photographer running through the rain to pergola for wedding pictures.  Obviously getting married without any guests because of Covid.  I later saw that same couple posing in the forest on the path to the giant Cedar tree.  I am in my Patagonia waterproof rain jacket, ball cap, long pants and she is smiling in her lover’s arms in a sleeveless satin gown.  She looked like a woodland nymph and seemed so happy.  I had a wonderful time at my wedding in Cheyenne Wyoming 32 years ago.  We sat around under a big tent with our friends to get out of the sun.  We had the luck of having a glorious Wyoming summer day.  I’m not sure I’m hardy enough or joyful enough to get married in the rain and run around for pictures but maybe in my twenties.

We wanted to see the Ocean and headed out towards the ocean only to find the Indian Reservation where beaches 1 and 2 lay close to road closed.  We were told the reservation has been closed since March.  We marched to Beach 3.  We made it most of the way.  At least to where we could see how rugged it was.  Ironically, my son had taken a three-day backpacking trip there just a few weeks earlier.  His group went 17 miles in a loop, scampering across beaches when the tide was out and crawling up gnarly areas. I thought Pete and I were doing well going the 3 miles in and out, skirting huge puddles and resting on fallen logs.

Seattle had absolutely gorgeous weather the entire time we were there.  Turquoise and royal blues bounced off the water surrounded by the silhouettes of the forests rising navy outline of the Olympic Mountain Range.  Mount Hood was visible the entire time. I finally understood the pull of the area. We biked and walked outside as our entertainment since most things are still closed.  I have never really liked the cold rainy experiences and gray clouds, we have experienced in winter.  But the summer and apparently the fall call you to be outside.  Seattle has been a Covid hot spot and is just opening.  We ate all our meals in my son’s new apartment approximately 500 square feet, one bedroom, a mere $1500 a month.  It does have a washer and dryer, dishwasher, new appliances and a new laminate floor, there is a slider out to a small patio and courtyard when you walk in the locked gates.  There’s also street parking.  The price seems high to me but that is cost of living in a big city.  While we were in Seattle, the disc brakes were taken off my husband’s bicycle.  As Scott says, “Thieves are ballsy in Seattle.” Pete and are obviously not city people.  Growing up in Wyoming has not prepared us for thievery.  Though Boise is getting more reports of thefts from cars etc.

We drove home to Boise all in one day, a long drive.  But I always enjoy driving up to our house after one of our adventures.  Yesterday was beautiful outside.  I took the bike out just to enjoy being home.

“Home is where our story begins and ends.”